Wireless Site Survey by MFT Systems

Contact us to conduct a wireless site survey on your premises for either planning a new Wireless Network or if you are having issues with your existing Wireless Network.

The Approach

We focus on delivering the required wireless coverage, data rates, network capacity, roaming capability and Quality of Service (QoS).

Method Overview

The survey will usually involve a site visit to run tests to determine the presence of RF interference to determine the optimum configuration and installation location of Wireless Access Points and also the type and position of Antenna. We also analyse building floor plans with your indicated covergae zones and requirements.

On Site Survey

Visual inspection of the facility ensures our experienced people pick up on the things not mentioned that can impact coverage. We also use site survey tools to measure signal strengths and interference. In addition interviews with IT Management and end users of the wireless network to determine both positions and parameters of the wireless equipment.

Compare the Alternative

Independent studies continue to show that most wireless networks installed today are not optimally designed or installed. Many do not provide either the desired coverage or security people originally expected.

The Solution

Site Surveys, planning and design are becoming recognised as an essential process when proceeding with Wireless Networks within organisations.

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